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So I guess this is the part where the sales-gurus advise me to hard-sell you and try to get you to become a Founding Member of Project XJ.

Sorry to disappoint, but instead of doing that, I’m just going to be my usual self – totally open and tell you about Project XJ. If you think it’s for you, then let’s work together. If you don’t think it’s for you – mei wenti – no worries at all. You’ll still get posts and free content from me from time-to-time.

About Project XJ

The main  purpose of Project XJ is to help you express yourself and speak more practical, real as-its-really-spoken conversational chinese so that you can relate more with your Chinese friends, colleagues, customers, suppliers, partner, in-laws or family

With you becoming a Founding Member, Project XJ is going to be created after it became clear to me that…

  • A lot of people get confused and overwhelmed when trying to learn Chinese
  • Too many people are getting stuck in the reading and memorising and not actually SPEAKING
  • And everyone’s just busy with their lives and most don’t have the time to sit down for a few hours in a class (tired and hungry after work) or self studying for large chunks of time

What Project XJ is REALLY about

When I was around 11, I kept on asking my folks, Why do we die?
(don’t worry, it doesn’t get morbid)

Since then, my Grandparents passed from age,
my Uncle passed from heart failure, Auntie passed from a hit and run car crash
Mum-in law passed from cancer
a family friend’s son recently OD’ed
a mate’s dad has just survived brain tumor ops and therapy…

Fast forward 20 years, the question has changed from “Why do we die?” to:

How can I be of service to others and make a difference while I’m still here?

One of those things is ChinaSpeak – helping people start speaking, growing their relationships and having some fun while they’re at it

If you think I make a gazillion dollars sipping cocktails on a sunny beach, I’m sorry I gave you that impression.

ChinaSpeak pays for itself through the support services it needs to keep running and some change to supplement and help pay household bills. I guess I’m not cut out to be a Richard Branson yet =)

Why Most People Don’t get very far learning to speak Chinese

There are 2 main reasons why people don’t get very far learning to speak Chinese:

  1. The Mechanic Problem
  2. The Sho Lonely Problem

Let’s discuss what these things are…

The Mechanic Problem

A lot of language courses (not just Chinese) suffer from the the Mechanic Problem and it’s unfortunately bad news for learners like us.

Imagine this:
You’re 16 and you want to learn how to drive a car.

You have 2 choices. Do you:

  • Option Coconut
    Go to a Car Mechanic Workshop, overwhelmed with learning about engine tuning, alternators, timing belts, gasket linings, piston changing, valve cleaning, gear ratios, exhaust thermodynamics, fluid hydraulics, electrical circuits OR
  • Option Banana
    Jump into a car with an experienced, patient instructor who first shows you the basic steps; to turn car, you turn wheel. to slow or stop, tap on the brakes. to move, tap on the accelerator pedal etcthen you start doing them, first in isolation and get more advanced with confidenceAfter repeated gradual steps, you first drive in an empty parking lot, then on empty road, quiet road, normal road during the day, then at night etcbefore you know it – you’re driving at night, chatting with friends at the back, with the music turned up, one hand on the wheel, the other fumbling for your WATER bottle

So which course would you choose?
It all depends on your aim, your goal

Like learning Chinese, if you want to read, write like a Phd linguist in interpreting traditional Chinese text – then most likely Option Coconut – hard case to crack. Long, time-consuming, hard, pretty boring usually (for me anyway)

If you want to speak real conversational Chinese – then Option Banana would be your best bet. Peel and Eat. Simple step-by-step blueprint.

As you’ve probably seen for yourself looking around for courses, there are Coconut courses and Banana courses.

Then there’s…

The Sho Lonely Problem

You know when you’re learning something from a book – say Chinese =)

And you have an aching question in your mind…

What did they mean by X or so HOW exactly do I use it? or What does it sound like?…

Because when you’re self-studying, it’s Sho Lonely.  Got a question – you have to ask someone. They can be a Chinese-speaking friend, colleague or family

Like asking a champion golfer eg Tiger Woods instead of a great coach – they might say, “ummm…well you just do this, and this you know – you can just feel it…”

Yes, very helpful I know

Trouble is that when you have questions, you either don’t have anyone to turn to or if you do, they’re usually of well-intentioned help but there are times where the lanugage is so natural to them, they’re Blind to the obvious.

How Project XJ Addresses These Problems: The Holy Trinity

Pardon the religious reference but it just sounds cool in *deep voice*… The Holy Trinity

Project XJ consists of 3 parts:
1. Core Course Lessons
2. The Vault
3. Focussed, Direct Personal 1-on-1 coaching consultation

Let’s get into details of each one…

Trinity 1. Core Course PXJ Lessons

No more sweating through thick books, boring pinyin drills, rote-memorising long lists of words, hard-to-understand grammar, Old-school traditional terms, confusing explanations leaving you with more questions than answers

We’re going to to take a very interactive approach to teaching and learning which I don’t see any other places offering.

As mentioned before, most students are:

So in the same philosopy of ChinaSpeak, Project XJ continues in the same vein to give lessons which are:

I want to give you the Essential Swiss army knife of Chinese blocks the critical words, expressions which you can use in all kinds of situations. It’s all about leverage and the 80/20 Rule – the Pareto Principle – Just do 20% of the work to give you 80% of the results.

So audio and video lessons specifically will be:

Step-by-step – Simple clear instructions

Layered – ie what you learn is built up progressively on top of each other (think learning to swim in a pool. From the shallow end gradually swimming in the deep end confidently)

See and Hear pronunciation – no more guessing how to say it from a book and wondering if you’re right!

Interactive – ie you actually actively start speaking with it instead of passively listening (or falling asleep reading – I’ve been there!)

Short and Long enough – short enough to digest while you’re on the run and long enough for it to sink in

Universally Accessible – you can play the audio and video lessons on any Windows, Apple, Android computers, smartphones and tablets

Play em Anywhere, Anytime – Portable Freedom – once you download them to your iphone or ipod, ipad or equivalent smartphone, tablet – you no longer need an internet connection to play them on the go – car – train – plane – jogging

Fun and Enjoyable – well as much as I can make them so you Want to go through them like a starving hyena instead of forcing yourself to sludge through gram-mud

Supplemented – with Chinese pinyin phonetics (and characters for those inclined) – so you no longer have to ‘guess’ how they’re spelt

These are just some of the core features of what the Core PXJ Lessons (can’t reveal too much to the competition =P )

Some courses have their core content in a ‘monthly’ subscription so once you’re finished with a module, you have to wait… for the next one. Not here. How fast you go through it is driven by you. You download each module when you’re ready and learn at your own pace and schedule.

As they say… How do you eat an Elephant? in bite sizes!

Trinity 2. The Vault

I wasn’t sure what to call this – the Ocean of Wisdom? Insiders Knowledge Bank?

Anyhow, apart from the Core PXJ layered progressive lessons building upon the strong foundation already started in SilverSpeak and Gold BusinessSpeak, there are other very useful bites that don’t fit in.

Here’s what I mean.

Often there are natural expressions that we use to convey a thought, use at the beginning of a sentence or question like:
Would you mind…
If not…
Having said that…
Sorry for the bother but…
Come over here!

and others not-so directly translatable to English but so common to Chinese are used very often. They are so practical that when you do say them to your Chinese friends and family, they’ll be very surprised!

It’s a shame that it’s not covered so much in traditional Coconut course material, unless for very advanced students. The social and emotional wins you get are so valuable that I wanted to give you this as well.

We have frequent casual expressions, slang and they’re not in dictionaries and hard to find online if they even exist. Maybe we’ll cover some profanities aka swear words – ie so you know you’re being sworn at. It’ll be up to you and the other members.

The Vault will be a continuously growing garden driven by both feedback from you and other members as well as my continuous research (I still dive through different courses and talk to other Chinese teachers) and my own ‘shower’ epiphanies (sorry no lessons there… =)

Trinity 3. Focussed, Direct Personal 1-on-1 coaching consultation

Pretty self-explanatory. If you STILL have other questions – you can just put up the Bat sign.

We’ll get together, 1-on-1 on the phone or Skype and go through what other aching questions you have and if they’re relevant to every other member, a lesson will be made for The Vault as well.

Here’s the Deal: What you get and How much it costs

There will only be 50 Founding Members spots so that I can make sure you get an Awesome experience out of this.

I want you to actively use the site, go through the lessons as they’re done, give me feedback about the content and answer questions…

…and in exchange for this, you’ll get 50% – 70% off the total value (If you’ve been with me long enough you know that I rarely discount and if I did (maybe 2 -3 times in the past), it certainly wasn’t over HALF off like now!

You’ll  get a pass for lifetime access to this lot of project XJ core lessons (not transferable to others) – we’re looking at a few hours of COMPLETELY NEW interactive audio/video lessons. They will be created and gradually come online.

You’ll also get SIX 6 Full months of unlimited access to The Vault. And yes I will take reasonable requests at my discretion to add even more lessons to it from your feedback. Just so you know, Audio, Video lessons take longer to make and process, not to mention the costs in storing on the server and download bandwith. That’s why it’s not lifetime – otherwise it’ll eat me alive with the costs!

Oh, and I’ll also work with you directly one-one-one with 4x ~15min phone/skype coaching consultations (Just so you know corporate companies invest over $350/hour for me to go in with their execs, so this alone pays for everything)

We’ve got a process tuned for this and won’t be a wishy washy chatty for half an hour type wasted type tutoring – it’s going to be focused results and you have to prepare beforehand (more details about that when you get in)

The value of this is $562, but Founding Members can join for $147
– that’s a saving of $415 – over 73% off!

Click here to reserve a spot as a Founding Member

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To put it into perspective, the cost of attending ONE unit of Academic Chinese in College University is over $1,000, NOT including books and resources. And no, you can’t replay the lectures…

Last words

The aim is to try and help you become as independent as possible so you don’t have to rely on any one resource.  Yes, that includes NOT relying on ChinaSpeak. Silly business decision I know but I’m here to try and help you as much as reasonably possible to make a difference in your life.

If the above resonates with you, join other similarly motivated ChinaSpeakers as a Founding Member

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IMPORTANT: Please Read This!

First, you should know that since we’ll be working together 1-on-1, there will be no refunds issued. Period. All other ChinaSpeak courses are Fully Guaranteed. I’m sure you understand that after I’ve given you my time, not only 1-on-1 but making content in The Vault, I can’t take it back.

Second, please please do not do this if you’re hoping for a Magic Pill. You still have to interact with the lessons so that you can start ChinaSpeaking. There are no 2 ways about it.

Will you be totally fluent and rap super-fast in Chinese?
Nope. Maybe you’ve got talent – but I can’t sing!

Will you understand completely every single word that’s said to you in Chinese?
Nope. Heck even I have some trouble understanding some people speaking in a strong, unfamilar mumbled accent (think Irish equivalent)

But I’ll do my darn best to help get you there!

Exciting thing is that you’ll feel and see for yourself faster wins than just reading a traditional pinyin or grammar book (if you haven’t already with SilverSpeak or Gold BusinessSpeak)

If you want to become a Founding Member at ridicoulus value, get in now to reserve your spot – just send payment Here.

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I’m looking forward to speaking with you on the phone over the next few months in this new exciting adventure in 2013!



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