Becoming a Founding Member of Project XJ

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If you haven’t already you can check out the previous post: Your feedback would be great

Before we get into some more inside details about Project XJ, I just want to say Sorry if you feel I haven’t been acting fast enough with details about this Project XJ.

Truth be told, when I asked you for your feedback, it didn’t enter my thick skull that:

  1. That there would be this much interest
    (and I’m very grateful for your trust and support)

  2. And that ShengdanJie (Xmas season) was coming up so fast and a lot of people would be busy with their shopping and preparing for the holidays…

so that’s why I’ve been pacing here, umming and ahhing wondering if I should wait to the new year… but then people may think what’s goin’ on with Alex – has he gone walkabout?…

Anyway last night (Xmas night) before going to bed, my wife Yen suggested that I just be totally open. I’m not a huge faceless company with a big team and unlimited resources and unfortunately I’m human and do slip unintentionally… so Sorry for the delay in communicado

on to PXJ:

The Main Purpose of Project XJ (PXJ)

The mainĀ  purpose of Project XJ is to help you express yourself and speak more practical, real as-its-really-spoken conversational chinese so that you can relate more with your Chinese friends, colleagues, customers, suppliers, partner, in-laws or family

With your support, Project XJ is going to be created after it became clear to me that…

  • A lot of people get confused and overwhelmed when trying to learn Chinese
  • Too many people are getting stuck in the reading and memorising and not actually SPEAKING
  • And everyone’s just busy with their lives and most don’t have the time to sit down for a few hours in a class (tired and hungry after work) or self studying for large chunks of time

Where I’m at with Project XJ

Although it isn’t ready for a large public launch, the pre-launch version will be *fingers crossed* going live in the first few weeks of the New year.

Anyway, when the Project launches PUBLICLY, I want to make absolutely sure that it’s populated with awesome content, practical and relevant stuff that learners like YOU want, that is difficult to find or isn’t even covered on the internet. And I’m actually quite excited about ### (more on that later)

And so I’m offering an initial limited group of FIFTY 50 people access to Project XJ… for at least 50% off the eventual price. (I was originally going to offer spots to 100 people, but decided that it won’t be reasonable. Sure there’ll be ‘double’ the revenue but I really want to look after those who do get in as I’ll be working directly with you 1-on-1 and simply can’t maintain high quality standards while working with 99 other people)

Here’s the trade-off:

I want you to actively use the site, go through the lessons as they’re done, give me feedback about the content and answer questions…

…and in exchange for this, you’ll get at least 50% off the total value (If you’ve been with me long enough you know that I rarely discount and if I did (maybe 2 -3 times in the past), it certainly wasn’t over HALF off like now!

You’ll also get a pass for lifetime access to this lot of project XJ core lessons (follow-on from Silver and GoldSpeak – we’re looking at a few hours of interactive lessons here

Oh, and I’ll also work with you one-one-one with 4x ~15min phone/skype coaching consultations (Just so you know corporate companies invest over $350/hour for me to go in with their execs, so this alone pays for everything)

We’ve got a process tuned for this and won’t be a wishy washy chatty for half an hour type wasted type tutoring – it’s going to be focused results and you have to prepare beforehand (more details about that when you get in)

What We’ll Cover in Project XJ

I’ll go into this more deeply on Friday, but I want to give you a blurred-over sketch of Project XJ.

Project XJ will consist of the ‘holy trinity’ 3 parts – 2 of which we’ve already briefly alluded to and the third part ### which I’m real excited about for you (which I’ll talk about when registration opens up)

We’re going to to take a very interactive approach to teaching and learning which I don’t see any other places offering.

As mentioned before, most students are:

So in the same philosopy of ChinaSpeak, Project XJ continues in the same vein to give lessons which are:

So lessons specifically will be:

Step-by-step – Simple clear instructions

Layered – ie what you learn is built up progressively on top of each other (think learning to swim in a pool. From the shallow end gradually swimming in the deep end confidently)

See and Hear pronunciation – no more guessing how to say it from a book and wondering if you’re right!

Interactive – ie you actually actively start speaking with it instead of passively listening (or falling asleep reading – I’ve been there!)

Universally Accessible – you can play the audio and video lessons on any Windows, Apple, Android computers, smartphones and tablets

Play em Anywhere, Anytime – Portable Freedom – once you download them to your iphone or ipod, ipad or equivalent smartphone, tablet – you no longer need an internet connection to play them on the go – car – train – plane – jogging

Fun and Enjoyable – well as much as I can make them so you Want to go through them like a starving hyena instead of forcing yourself to sludge through gram-mud

Supplemented – with Chinese pinyin phonetics (and characters for those inclined) – so you no longer have to ‘guess’ how they’re spelt

The value of this is $562, but Founding Members can join for $147
– that’s a saving of $415 – over 73% off!

With that said, I might as well get to the part about…

How to Become a Founding Member of Project XJ

Sometime this week before New Year hits, I’m hoping Friday noon – I’ll be sending you a thorough overview of Project XJ. And at that time, I’ll also start accepting founding members into the Project.

Since founding members receive:

  1. Lifetime access to this set of core module lessons and
  2. 4 quater-hour private coaching calls together 1-on-1
  3. PLUS Pillar ### (to be revealed on Friday noon)

If we’re over-subscribed, ie more than 50 people are in – then priority spots will first be given to those who’ve given feedback previously HERE

This restriction is to simply ensure that every Founding Member has an Awesome experience with this.

If You Want to Get in BEFORE Friday noon…

By Friday noon, I’ll have the proper detailed info with a lengthy description of what Project XJ involves, when to expect things, how to book times together for personal coaching etc

But if you’re already sure you want to do this, and don’t want to wait until Friday 9am (just over a day from now), then just send payment by clicking Here and I’ll make sure you get your spot.

I know… it’s ghetto, but it’s also a decent way to ensure your spot.

IMPORTANT: Please Read This!

First, you should know that since we’ll be working together 1-on-1, there will be no refunds issued. Period. I’m sure you understand that after I’ve given you my time, I can’t take it back.

Second, please please do not do this if you’re hoping for a Magic Pill. You still have to interact with the lessons so that you can start ChinaSpeaking. There are no 2 ways about it.

Will you be totally fluent and rap super-fast in Chinese? Nope

Will you understand completely every single word that’s said to you in Chinese? Nope

But I’ll do my darn best to help get you there!

Exciting thing is that you’ll feel and see for yourself faster wins than just reading a traditional pinyin or grammar book (if you haven’t already with SilverSpeak or Gold BusinessSpeak)

‘Speak’ to you on Friday noon or if you want to join and get in now to reserve your spot – just send payment Here.

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