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I’m going to be opening up and sharing some personal things with you, which I rarely talk about

It’s been over a decade (SHITE!) since that time in China where expat friends asked me to help them get by on the streets of Urumqi in Wild West XinJiang

It’s been over 7 years since I started the ChinaSpeak website with video lessons

It’s been 5 years since Yen’s (my wife)’s mum passed away from cancer

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been married to Yen (she’s camera shy)

And it’s been 2 months since we’ve had XiangJie in our lives

My god, time flies by so fast now…

We’re stoked to bits having XiangJie in our life and I can’t help gazing at the lil bugger everytime he’s awake. My mum can’t stop putting her paws onto him everytime we go back home! (must be a grandma thing)

Do you have moments, events which make you stop and think?

Well mine is now Being a dad now – gasp!

It’s another wake-up call for me and has triggered me to question and review what I’ve done (and Haven’t!) over the past few years.

My initial dream was to help a Million people start speaking Chinese quickly, easily and with fun

Now that’s changed a little where it’s not so much the quantity but the quality – it doesn’t matter how many people but the size of the contribution/impact to you.

You may be travelling, doing business – have a Chinese partner or new in-laws or made new friends. It doesn’t matter. My goal is to help you in your relationships through ChinaSpeaking

which leads to Project XJ…

A lot of you who have finished going through Silver or GoldSpeak have asked me for more lessons…


I have a confession to make though – my perfectionista for the paid products has really gotten the better of me (although this perfectionistism is lacking in some other areas as my wife keeps on reminding me…=)

You see – I already have the ideas in my head and my mind just explodes with excitement everytime I have a new pattern to share, or a really cool way of remembering new brick words or mortar terms.

The Dilemna

And then reality sets in to make it ‘professional’ ie HD video recording, ensuring good lighting, sound quality then editing, polishing it up, then uploading etc – all that and the time, not to mention resources and skills involved really overwhelms me.

If only there’s a way like the Matrix where I can just upload it to your brain!

I can’t tell you the countless hours I’ve spent researching and experimenting making various video lessons in the quest to give the BEST possible quality at the smallest possible size so you can take these ChinaSpeak lessons with you anywhere, anytime.

Plane, Train or Automobiles! Learn from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet – on Android, Windows or Apple iphone, ipad or ipod

I’ve already got a heap of lessons on a mindmap planned out strategically to take your ChinaSpeaking to a new level beyond Silver and GoldSpeak

…But I’ve stopped dead in my tracks.

There’s a small part of me who is secretly afraid that after spending all the time, love and effort to make these lessons, that people won’t find it relevant enough for their needs…

How You Can Benefit From This

So here’s what I’ve been thinking about doing… and now I’ve got the courage to share it with you – I’d like your feedback

I’m considering offering an initial limited group of people (probably 100 people max) access to Project XJ
(that’s Project XiangJie by the way – XJ just sounds way cooler)

And you will get it for at least 50% the eventual price

Here’s the trade-off:
I need you to use the forums, give me feedback on content, let me know if things break and complete a few surveys…

and in exchange for this, you’ll get at least 50% off the final price…

Oh, and I’m also considering giving lifetime membership

AND helping you ONE-on-ONE with PRIVATE phone consultations

Is this Something you’re POTENTIALLY interested in?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (heck, I haven’t even told exactly what Project XJ IS or what the price would be…)

..but IF you are *POTENTIALLY* interested in becoming a founding member of Project XJ, then just put in your name and email below for more details. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation at all.

Stay tuned,

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