Project XJ is a GO!

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Ok, I’m in the process of finalising the format and structure of Project XJ

These are some of the comments I’ve received (copied and pasted directly) and wondering if you’re in the same boat?…

I have looked at various courses but am unable to attend uni due to work

I need to be able to practice whist driving (2 – 3 hours per day)

I work long hours & have family commitments which make it difficult to attend set classroom times

So you’re really busy and time-poor, not to mention usually tired and hungry after work…

I have bought a book but realise I can\’t learn without hearing the words pronounced correctly

I believe thru the video I can understand the way on how to pronounce correctly the language

I have bought 3 books (including a CD) and find that method difficult

Listening to videos is a more effective way to learning than text books

You’ve scoured through the bookstore and internet and tried various books, CDs, methods…

have been apprehensive that it may be in the too hard box!

Frustrated with time to learn via traditional method

have tried other program but did not manage to learn chinese

I have tried a nuber of self help audios/videos and find them dissapointing

have tried other program but did not manage to learn chinese


You’ve even tried different programs and courses…

I am taking a chinese course in college and do not understand my professor\’s lessons

im attending a class presently and get headaches after

And this made me smile… – cos I TOTALLY understand how that feels!

I want to know how to speak and understand more chinese


Does this sound familiar?

What I hear from people wanting to learn Chinese after trying different ways…

And this is what I hear what you really want…

Tell me, Am I on the right track?

Please tell me, what experiences have you had with other Chinese learning material

they can be courses, books, CDs, DVDs, online, face to face or tutors

What did you like about them that you found useful and would like to see in ChinaSpeak lessons?

What did you NOT like about them and what you think would have been better instead?

Please, lemme know what you want!

I’m in the process of finalising the format and structure of Project XJ and very excited to share it with you so your feedback here would be really helpful

What have I missed?

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