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Cantonese vs Mandarin – Which Should You Learn?

So you’re thinking of learning to speak Chinese… and as you dive deeper, you learn that there are actually different languages of Chinese, ie dialects. So Cantonese vs Mandarin – Which should you start to learn to speak? A usual post will go into the pros and cons but I like to take a step […]

Mandarin or Cantonese – Which Should You Learn to Speak?

This is a real easy question to answer… And all you have to do is answer ONE question – yep that’s it. Just one. WHY do you want to learn to speak Chinese? … waiting for your answer here… … If you don’t know WHY and just want to learn for the helluvit – check […]

Very First Members Vault Lesson

This is the very first Member Vault Lesson If you don’t see video lesson immediately below and download link, it means you don’t have access to the Members Vault of hundreds of practical video lessons yet. To get access, consider joining the Members Vault. More info here [show-to accesslevel=’vault’] Alrighty! FINALLY got the first video […]