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My mission with ChinaSpeak is to help you start speaking Mandarin Chinese fast – within 58 minutes – where you may have had trouble and frustrations before.

That’s my personal GUARANTEE

I know some testimonials may be hard to believe on websites (heck – whenever I go online shopping, I’m the same) so here are some back at the very beginning from ebay for a very basic beginner ChinaSpeak course (can’t fake these):

ChinaSpeak 100% Ebay reviews

and a personal letter from VIRGIN CEO as well as others from the original but still active ChinaSpeak website:

More ChinaSpeak testimonials and feedback

If in doubt, just email or call me if you have any questions

My main concern was if this course was going to be easy for me to do
without someone who speaks Chinese...

My main concern was if this course was going to be easy for me to do
without someone who speaks Chinese to tell me if I am speaking with
the right tones and pitches

I found that the course is very clearly spoken so it makes it easy to listen to.

The thing I like most about the course is you keep it fun to do

Three other benefits would be;
1: easy to follow directions
2: Its now on my ipod so it goes everywhere with ease
3: The clear and precise instructions

I have recomended this course to other people already

Thankyou for the gifts in the DVD and CD package...

Your happy student,

Phill Poynter
At the beginning my speaking muscles were finding it a challenge to...

Nihao Alex,
I am very good, thank you.

At the beginning my speaking muscles were finding it a challenge to
wrap my tongue around the words, but with practice, that too is improving.

Compared with other ‘European’ languages, I am finding Chinese far more

Yes, I am enjoying making my way through the video series. So far, I worked
through upto segment 11.  As I learn to listen more closely, I find it easier
to pick up the tones associated with each word.

At first I was barely aware of them, but as time goes on it becomes easier.

On some occasions I have gone looking for the pinyin spelling to help wrap my
mind around the word.

Thank you for the offer of a phone call, I’d like that as I make my way towards
the end of the series.

So far in the time I have had your videos; I have learnt more than I did
a 3 week trip to Gansu province in China!


Sean Murphy
Like anything on the internet from someone you do not know, I was concerned about the quality of the course material...

I viewed your practice lesson teaching us 3 words (the Nihao video) and
was convinced you were the teacher I wanted.

After buying your course, I can speak Chinese! I absorbed the lessons very quickly.
I rarely played them twice, your teaching method of word association
worked amazingly well for me.

I also found what a nice guy you are, your personal note and trinket
in the package made it that much more personal and special.

I also found how much my Chinese friends loved me being able to speak a bit!

I liked everything in the course to be honest, I was sad to be out of lessons!

Specifically I have to again say the way you associate an English word to
a Chinese word. No-one else that I have met does that.

It was really enjoyable, I have never enjoyed language studies as I never
related to the material.

You speak slowly, clearly and give us a chance to repeat with you.
Really helped to absorb.

You teach really practical things, it was all applicable and put to use
right away.

I absolutely would recommend ChinaSpeak. It made learning Chinese so much fun
I wanted to keep learning. I saw so much progress in myself and my Chinese friends agreed!

ChinaSpeak is by far the best language system I have ever seen, and I have tried many!

I would love to see more course packages added, my thirst for learning is far
from quenched.

After completing my course I did not know where to turn for additional instruction.


Greg Merrick
My only concern was trying to learn a language online...

My only concern was trying to learn a language online, as I have bought
various courses online in the past which didn’t turn out to be successful
for myself

After getting your course, it was both easy, informative and enjoyable

It allows me to learn at my own pace and continue to have ongoing support
by yourself.

It was also Simple at an enjoyable pace and flexible.

And yes, I already have recommended course to my friends

Once I completely master this course , what course do you recommend to take up
in order to go to the next level?


Grant Williams
Telstra (Australia's Largest Telco Company)
I was concerned that it would be difficult to follow and i would get
lost in the language...

After going through Alex's ChinaSpeak course, i found it was Very easy
to follow and my chinese friends say my pronounciation is very good.

How Alex describes the way of trying to remember the mandarin word but
using an english story.
ie: german girl, chocolate train, a beach of fun etc

i have found it very beneficial to improve my pronounciation and
remeber words, for example if i get stuck on a word i remember Alex's
tale in relation to the word and it comes back to me.

Your stories are entertaining Alex and i think you are a funny guy which
makes it easier to learn.

Xie Xie ni

Matt Venning
When I first encountered ChinaSpeak I was bit sceptical...

but now that I have fully experienced it for a number of weeks I
recommend it to anyone who wants to speak Mandarin.

The 3 key things that make this different from other courses are:

+ Friendly intimate style - the class sizes are small so you get to
develop a real rapport with him, who can adjust to your personality
and focus on you as an individual

+ Improved learning retention - with the individual attention and the
focus on getting key content right during each lesson, my retention of
what has been taught is much higher than my experience through
community college courses

+ Flexibility - Working in a managerial position means I cannot always
stick to a schedule as much as I would like to. With Alex, there is
greater flexibility to fit things into my schedule and therefore
ensure I can relax and learn rather than worrying about what is
happening at work

If you want to try something that works, you should give Alex a go.

Richard Wong
Manager - CBA (Commonwealth Bank)
I was worried that I'd find it difficult to pick up the language and have no-one to practice with...

How did I feel after going through ChinaSpeak Method course?

I loved it!

The approach to the sessions was very well suited to my learning style.

I was able to retain the sounds well as a result of the visualisation technique

I liked that it was all online and could be completed at our own pace.

I liked the relaxation component as well!

3 other benefits of this course would be:

  1. Better acquisition of the language

  2. Ability to access it overseas

  3. It is convenient being online

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the language orally!

Elle Papalia
My main concern was that it would be too difficult to learn...

Nihao Alex, so sorry I haven't been in touch with you for some time.

Mal (my partner) and I started the course very keenly and were
very surprised how easy and fun you made learning
We were planning to go to China later this year, but we had a visit
from my son Drew and his wife Dora (who live in Beijing) last month
for 3 weeks, which was just wonderful.

I had downloaded the course onto my IPod and showed them and
they were impressed with the way you had set out the course.

Mal and I found the DVDs very interesting and you made it fun to learn and
the different ways that you explained the differences in Chinese and English
were very useful

Learning phrases that would be useful when travelling in China are
very helpful and relevant.

I found that I was able after awhile to put a couple of sentences together.

I thought I was pretty clever.

Now to answer your questions:

My main concern was that it would be too difficult to learn, but it wasnt
you made it very interesting and fairly easy.

I was very pleased that I had found your course on the web that you explained
the way you teach people Chinese is often different from others and
i found your way very good -- the way you made it fun and easy

Other benefits about the course would be that you are able to put sentences together
so that you could have a conversation with somebody.

I would definately recommend China Speak to anybody wishing to learn Chinese
as it wasnt too expensive and your way of teaching is excellent.

Aileen Campbell
My main concern about the ChinaSpeak course was it's Content relevance and Quality...

I've gone through the course now and found it a condensed highly relevant course of good quality.

I liked the method of instruction

3 other benefits of this course would be:

  1. it is quick and easy to learn

  2. the presentation is done in a friendly/humorous way and

  3. the material is easy to remember

Yes, I would recommend it.

It is effective and fairly priced.

Eddie Laverty
Would i be getting what was advertised when i paid the money? An awful lot of stuff on the internet is not what it seems...

After getting the course, it was exactly the product you said it was
and what i was looking for.
I liked the visual way in which you present the breakdown and
linking of the words.

It is presented in a simple fashion and that makes it easier to remember things.

Cheers Ian

Ian Proudlock
I did not have any concerns after I talked to you on the phone...

I felt confident and went ahead with my buy

I downloaded the program and found it gave me confidence that i could learn

One thing I liked was the ease and relaxed nature of your program

  1. The videos were helpful

  2. also the travel portion i downloaded to my phone and

  3. the step by step instructions keep me at ease

I have recommended ChinaSpeak to a lot of people as i have it playing in my office and
when client come in and ask me about it so i explain the video

Steve Sledge King

ChinaSpeak isn’t for everyone but if you want to start speaking PRACTICAL Chinese – then the ChinaSpeak courses can help you if you decide to join us.

For different interactive Chinese video and audio course lessons, check them out HERE